What We Do?

iTriangle Infotech, a Bangalore based Company is a leading player in the domain of Vehicle Telematics and is the largest Indian manufacturer of Vehicle Telematics Hardware. The Company offers end to end solutions in the domain.

iTriangle Infotech has designed & developed a proprietary Remote Data Acquisition Platform based on GSM-GPS-RFID-Sensors with an end-to-end solution for various sectors like Transport, Logistics, Trading, Educational Institutions, Health Care and the Automobile Industry. The promoters of iTriangle Infotech are highly qualified professionals in the related domains. The Company manufactures its products and currently has product/service offerings in the Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring, Fleet Management & Personal Tracking and Safety, Diagnostics and Prognostics domains. iTriangle Infotech has an end to end platform on telematics which includes, Hardware, firmware and web components which can be customized as per market needs and deployed with lesser time to market. We have an in house capability in Hardware design, Firmware development and Web and Mobile application development which makes us one of the unique companies which can offer OEM/ODM and also aftermarket Services to the industry.

Our Telematics platform today consists of below components


  • Multiple communication interface support such as GPIOs, RS232, Modbus, I2c, SPI, CAN, OBD2 etc
  • 32 bit hardware computing platform
  • Solid-state local flash storage for data recording
  • GSM, GPS and RFID support
  • Rugged automotive/ industrial power supply


  • Storage and forward architecture for data.
  • RTOS based on micro-kernel architecture.
  • Stable and time tested code base
  • Encryption support for secure communication Power save and Low power mode.

Web application

  • Flexible mapping engine
  • Based on Web2.0 standards.
  • Innovative GUI components for better user interactivity.
  • Innovative design pattern for easy customization.

TCP server

  • Multi threaded port listening application to communicate with remote devices.
  • Supports 1000 concurrent connections with the Remote devices on single port.
  • Optimized for low server latency
  • Inbuilt load balancing architecture

iTriangle has designed & developed a next generation GPS-GSM-RFID based Remote Data Acquisition Platform, which can be productively applied in the domains of Transport, Trading, Logistics, Educational Institutions & Health Care, Defense, Personal Safety, Asset Management etc.

Product & Technology Highlights

iTriangle has launched a Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Product along with Fleet Management Solution using this platform, under the brand name aQuila. While our product offers highly useful features like tracking, tracing, speed control and reporting, vehicle and driver management, two-way communication, route optimization, data and voice communication between the vehicle and the control room; it also offers unique features like accident doubtful point analysis (virtually acts like a black box), fuel pilferage and filling monitor, vehicle immobilization through the back end application. We even provide customized GPS Tracking Solutions for our customers with different functionalities to suite their requirements. It is possible to identify and track some of the events such as theft, accidents, malfunctioning etc. with suitable sensor interface to the tracking device through its unique digital and analog inputs. aQuila Track can accurately locate the geographical coordinate of the assets(truck, car, asset etc.) to which the device is attached, records and/or sends the coordinates along with the events (if any) to a central control room where the information can be plotted on a geographical map.