Inter-Departmental Coordination Session by Mr. Raveendraraj

Mr. Raveendraraj recently led an impactful session on Inter-Departmental Coordination and team building, focusing on enhancing teamwork and streamlining communication across our organization. The session emphasized the importance of collaboration, providing practical strategies to improve inter-departmental interactions and foster a cohesive work environment. Through interactive activities and insightful discussions, participants gained valuable skills to overcome […]

What is iTriangle Telematics?

Introduction Welcome to iTriangle Telematics, the newest subsidiary of iTriangle Infotech, dedicated to revolutionizing the aftermarket with cutting-edge telematics solutions. With a strong foundation backed by over 15 years of industry experience and over 1,000,000 devices deployed, we are proud to offer reliable and innovative tracking solutions that cater to diverse market needs. What is […]