AIS 140 Certified GPS Tracking Device – Bharat 101

When you want to buy GPS tracking devices the first thing that comes to your mind is AIS 140 certification. It is very important to confirm that tracking device you are purchasing is AIS 140 certified. Many of them are not aware of what AIS 140 is and what its guidelines are. AIS 140 means Automotive Industry Standard 140. It is the guidelines set by ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India). The main motive of these guidelines is built by the Intelligent Transport System (ITS). Most of the people in India travel through public transport, so it’s necessary to provide efficient and safe public transport system. AIS 140 is a set of standards created to manage public transport, traffic, etc. Any device for AIS 140 certification should meet its standards and guidelines. According to these guidelines, the vehicle should be fitted with a GPS tracking device that provides real-time tracking services. It should contain a panic button for safety and emergency purposes. iTriangle is an AIS 140 certified company providing advanced services in the field of telematics in India. They are renowned as the best tracking software service provider through their AquilaTrack application. Aquila hardware tracking device Bharat 101 is an AIS 140 certified vehicle tracking and monitoring device provided by iTriangle. It is a real-time tracking device and supports 2digital inputs, 2 digital outputs, and 2analog inputs. This device has an internal battery backup that lasts 6 to 8 hrs and supports both embedded SIM and normal 1.8V & 3V (Micro-SIM). This device has a memory of 8MB with solid-state flash, 100K erase and program cycle and data retention up to 10 yrs. This device is regarded as the best GPS tracking device in India.
Crafted using the best technology stack, these tracking systems for vehicles in India go a long way in ensuring that your vehicle doesn’t go astray. Below is a glimpse of the best in town, when it comes to systems that track vehicles, and steer them to safety: