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  • ABS Plastic Casing
  • Internal GSM antenna
  • Internal GPS antenna
  • Motion Sensor - 3 Axis Accelerometer
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Sending acquired data via GPRS (TCP/IP protocols)
  • Smart algorithm of GPRS connections (GPRS traffic saving)
  • Power failure detection
  • Over the air configuration.
  • Small and Plug & Play
  • CAN and K-Line Support for Vehicle Data Acquisition
  • Bluetooth: BLE 4.1 (optional)
  • Superior automatic protocol detection algorithm
  • Can read both Standard and Manufacturer Specific Parameters
  • Vehicle battery voltage monitoring.

A GPS-GSM based Tracking and Monitoring System with OBD-II( Onboard Vehicle Diagnostics standards 2) interface, which adds remote diagnostics capabilities to our existing GPS Vehicle tracking platform. Along with vehicle tracking data, other vehicle-related parameters, and diagnostic information like Error codes, Real time speed, RPM, Fuel level, Real Time Odometer can be acquired through OBD-II interface and sent to server through GSM/GPRS for Processing. With Current OBD-II interface becoming standardized with all the vehicle manufacturers, this solution opens up an opportunity to offer a wide range of services & applications to users and huge business opportunity within in automobile ecosystem.

OBD Parameters

  • Monitor status since DTCs cleared. (Includes malfunction
  • Indicator lamp (MIL) status and number of DTCs.)
  • Calculated engine load
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Intake manifold absolute pressure
  • Engine RPM
  • Vehicle speed
  • OBD standards this vehicle conforms to India OBD II (IOBD II)
  • MAF air flow rate
  • Distance traveled with malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) on
  • Fuel Rail Gauge Pressure (diesel, or gasoline direct injection)
  • Warm-ups since codes cleared
  • Distance traveled since codes cleared
  • Run time since engine start
  • Throttle position
Parameters Description
Chipset MT6260
Memory 8 MB solid state  Flash, 100K Erase and Program Cycle, 10 year data retention
GSM Module Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz,DCS GPRS: class12 Coding Scheme CS1 to CS4
GPS Module GPS:66 acquisition-/ 22 tracking channels, Ultra high tracking/navigation sensitivity: - 165dBm1, Inbuilt patch antenna, 2.5m CEP(50%)
Antennae Internal
Communication Interface TCP/IP on GPRS
Record Storage/buffer  10000 Tracking Records  ( may vary based on configuration and paremeter chosen)
Ports 1-Micro B USB connector(Debug), Standard OBD-II J1962 Connector with CAN and K-Line
Speed Sensor GPS(default)
SIM Interface  Supports   SIM card: 1.8V & 3V / Embedded SIM (optional)
GPRS Packet Data Class 12 ; Coding Scheme CS1 to CS4
LED Indication Processing, GSM, GPS, OBD
Connectors Standard OBD-II connector
Power Supply Wide DC input voltage range (9V - 32V)
Current Consumption 250mA during transmission , 100mA during tracking with OBD and 25mA during sleep (@12v)
Internal Battery 500mAh, 4 to 6 Hr backup.
Protocol supported CAN( 11 bit/29 bit includin g OBD, J1939), K-Line
Temperature Operating: -20°C to +60°C
Storage: -20°C to +85°C (Without Battery)
 Dimension 55 X 35 X 30 mm
Weight 85g
FOTA Firmware upgrade over the air available
Motion Sensor 3 Axis Accelerometer (Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Braking & Cornering)
Note: We pursue a policy of continuous research & product development. Specifications and features are subject to change without notice.
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