Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring System

Compact, Basic Device With I/O & Ruggedized
IP65 Casing

Key Features

*Note: Not all accessories mentioned above could connected at the same time.
Device capability : 1 - Dedicated Ignition Input, 1 - Digital Input, 1 - Analog Input, 1 - Digital Output

TS-101 Basic is a Basic Vehicle tracking/Fleet management black box with I/0 and rugged IP65 casing provides a simple tracking solution with 10000 tracking records.


  • Online real-time tracking.

  • Solid State Storage with 10000 tracking records.

  • Real-time Vehicle tracking with GPS.

  • Rugged and environment proof ABS casing with IP65.

  • Large battery backup of 700mAH.

Use Cases

Fleet Management

Municipal Garbage pickup vehicles

2-Wheelers with power optimization