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iTriangle has done it again... the first Indian Telematics company to get AIS-140 certification from ICAT.


Why AIS-140?

As you must be aware, Ministry of Road Trasport and highways (MoRTH), has made it mandatory that all public transport vehicles such as School/College buses, Employee transport vehicles, Taxi/Cabs, Tourist vehicle, state-run transport buses, etc. should have a GPS based vehicle tracking system and Panic Button, to ensure the safety and security of passengers travelling in such vehicles. The Government also has made it mandatory that all GPS based vehicle tracking systems should be compliant as per the Automotive Industry Standard 140 (AIS-140) and the said devices have to be either certified by iCAT or ARAI, which are government certified testing agencies. The RTO is enforcing the authority of this notification and the vehicles will not be cleared by the RTO if the vehicle does not have the AIS 140 compliant GPS tracking system with Panic buttons in respective vehicles.

BHARAT-101, AIS 140 Compliant tracker

Bharat 101, AIS-140 compliant device
Mr.Vadiraj S Katti at Smart Devices & Wearables’s India Conclave 2017 on 24th March
Our MD Mr. Vadiraj S Katti was on the panel of speakers at the Smartphone, Smart Devices & Wearables’s India Conclave 2017 on 24th March, Le Meridien, New Delhi. The event was sponsored by Mediatek.
Mr.Vadiraj S Katti at Smart Devices & Wearables’s India Conclave 2017 on 24th March
Mr. Vadiraj S Katti spoke about the drivers to facilitate the growth of the IoT and wearable industry in India. He emphasized upon the following points:
  1. Robust Network Setup
  2. Flow of investments for R&D and innovation
  3. Government policies and regulations
  4. Increase in smartphone and mobile internet penetration
  5. Tech-savvy consumers
  6. E-commerce boom
  7. Transport and logistics
  8. Devices that would ensure the safety, security from a personal standpoint. and productivity, efficiency from a business standpoint.
iTriangle is to connect 784 Ambulances in Karnataka state with GPS Systems and Telematics Solutions. From Production, Operations to Software Solutions; iTriangle is making inroads into Health and Emergency Response Systems.
iTriangle is proudly presenting its product portfolio at the Telematics Conference, MiddleEast & Africa during 8-9th March, 2017. This conference is being held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We are looking forward to meeting our potential clientele and partners from the region. You are cordially invited to visit us at our booth and we would be happy to give an introduction and demonstration of our products and services. For more information about the event and the venue, please click here.
iTriangle is providing End to End Solutions to the Cab Aggregator giant. From Hardware production and installation to Software Solutions; iTriangle connected 5400 vehicles from Uber's Xchange Leasing with telematics.
iTriangle to GPS power vehicles deputed for election duty in Manipur. With operations now in multiple states of North Eastern India, iTriangle is making inroads in this part of the country.
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