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iTriangle is to connect 784 Ambulances in Karnataka state with GPS Systems and Telematics Solutions. From Production, Operations to Software Solutions; iTriangle is making inroads into Health and Emergency Response Systems.
iTriangle to GPS power vehicles deputed for election duty in Manipur. With operations now in multiple states of North Eastern India, iTriangle is making inroads in this part of the country.
iTriangle has some of the largest Cab Aggregators of the country and world in its client portfolio. More than 10,000 Cabs are tracked and monitored with our Solution. We help Cab Aggregators with critical alerts --- Panic Button, City Geofence Violations, Maintenance Alerts among others. The Immobilisation capability in the Solution makes vehicle recovery effective and finds great application in Cab leasing business. With its reliable and scaled up Middleware Architecture, iTriangle provides the most robust telematics solution for the Cab Aggregators in India. And we are now geared up to provide #OBD II Solutions enhancing our value proposition.
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