This page outlines the protocols for using the iTriangle brand and product marketing materials. Adherence is mandatory for all communications about our company, products, or collaborations. For inquiries about iTriangle brand usage, contact our Marketing/Design team.



A collection of variations of iTriangle’s primary logo designed for both print and digital formats.


Abridged guidelines for iTriangle branding across various platforms and media formats.


Usage guidelines for clients and partners on our product photos, videos, and descriptions.



For inquiries concerning product marketing, including colors, themes, designs, product images, photographs, fonts, and graphics, please contact our Marketing/Design team.

Association with iTriangle

You are prohibited from using iTriangle’s logos, product images, photographs, and other brand materials in ways that imply association, mimic the brand, or harm iTriangle’s reputation or value. For clarification on using these assets, please contact our Marketing/Design team.


The approved color codes for iTriangle’s brand are as follows:

  • Primary Color: Hex #2292A4, RGB (34, 146, 164)
  • Secondary Color: Hex #38B6FF, RGB (56, 182, 255)
  • Tertiary Color: Hex #5CE1E6, RGB (92, 225, 230) Please refer to the brand guidelines document for specific usage and combinations.

No, the iTriangle logo should not be modified in any way. This includes changes to its color, shape, or proportions. Always use the provided logo files to ensure consistency across all marketing materials.

The primary font for iTriangle’s marketing materials is Montserrat. For body text, use Canva Sans Regular, and for headings, use Montserrat Extra Bold. 

Yes, product photos and videos should be used in their original form without any alterations. Ensure that they are high resolution and maintain the integrity of the brand. Always credit iTriangle where appropriate and use the approved captions and descriptions provided in the brand guidelines.

In digital media, ensure that the iTriangle logo is displayed at a resolution of at least 72 dpi and maintains its original colors. For print media, the logo should be printed at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. The brand colors and fonts should be consistent across both digital and print media to maintain brand integrity. Refer to the brand guidelines for specific layout and spacing requirements.