Vadiraj Katti

Co-Founder/CEO & Managing Director

As the Co-founder and Managing Director of iTriangle, Mr. Vadiraj Katti spearheads strategic initiatives, overseeing the company's direction and growth. With a focus on technology innovation, he guides the development of cutting-edge solutions, fosters key partnerships, and ensures operational excellence. His leadership drives iTriangle's commitment to transformative advancements in the tech industry.

Kiran A R

Co-Founder & Technical Director

As Co-founder and Technical Director of iTriangle, Mr. Kiran A R is instrumental in steering the company's technical vision and innovation. He leads the development of robust and scalable solutions, oversees technical teams, and ensures the seamless integration of advanced technologies. His expertise propels iTriangle towards excellence in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.


Raveendraraj Nadagoud

President - Business Operations

Sunil Kumar S K

Sr. Vice President – Business Operations

Pramod Naik

VP - Enterprise Business & Revenue Assurance

Ashish Sarkar

Vice President – Finance and Accounts

Pavan Naik

Sr. Product Architect

Jebin Satheesh

Sr. Manager – Hardware Development

Kumaraswamy P

Sr. Manager – Product Analytics

Rajesh J C

VP - Procurement