In today’s scenario, where personal security and safety has become extremely fragile especially for Women, Senior Citizens, Children and certain professionals working in high security industries, iTriangle InfoTech, proudly announces the launch of MeSafe, a unique Product offering to the market and the first of its kind in India.

Key Features

Small and a compact device

On Demand Tracking via SMS

Live Tracking

Interactive key pad

This GPS-GSM based Track and Alert System is a compact device, which could be hung over the neck, waist belt or a key chain. MeSafe will provide Live Web Tracking or Tracking via SMS as per the users requirement. It will have several utility and interesting features which will basically ensure tracking, monitoring the movements of the user and provide timely help at times of distress. It has also got a interactive key pad unique in its kind using which enables the distance education students, quiz competitors to answer objective questions remotely which will help in immediate evaluation

  • The device is small and compact in size, measuring up to 73 mm x 39.6 mm x 16.2 mm, and is stylish in design.
  • Panic Button Services, which triggers Auto SMS to pre configured Two mobile numbers, with location information (Map Location Link)
  • Calling Facility to 2 preconfigured numbers. Two specific buttons has been provided to call to each number.
  • The user can receive incoming calls either from anyone or restrict the incoming calls by creating a white list.
  • Through the GLocate Facility the guardian/administrator, can send a SMS to the device (device should have a working SIM card) and get the response SMS containing the location information through a map link.
  • Live GPS Tracking on Maps with various MIS reports (only if authorized by the user and is optional with recurring costs).
  • Customizable alert and safety zones of known locations of the user with SMS alerts, to the guardian/administrator, when the user enters or leaves the defined zones (only if authorized by the user and is optional with recurring costs)
  • Listen in Facility to the authorized administrators, which helps to assess the situation in the user’s surrounding by making a phone call, which gets auto connected, without ringing.
  • Comprehensive Guide in the box for User Guidance.
  • Post Paid or Pre Paid SIM card of any operator necessary with, outgoing, incoming calls and SMS pack.
  • The device is a ready to use one. The user can start using the device by simply following the instructions given in the user manual.
  • There are no recurring cost basic services, except the SIM card cost. Basic services include, tracking on demand, panic button services, listen facility, outgoing and incoming calls.
  • In case, the user needs special services, the user has to Log onto the MeSafe website,, request activation and choose Service Packages as per the requirements, by paying recurring monthly charges. The user can also contact the Customer Care of iTriangle Infotech for any kind of assistance.
  • The Customer can choose tracking options like Live Tracking or Tracking via SMS, available at a cost. The Customer can also enter the Recipient Mobile numbers to enable receiving the SMS.
  • There is an option also to add alert zones, at additional cost.
  • If the Customer has opted for Live Tracking, the moments of the Customer will be tracked every minute and a live report is available to him in the Web Application. Any Authorized person can log onto the application after entering a login id and password and view the exact location of the person carrying the device along with various reports.
  • In live tracking, minute by minute movements can be tracked on live maps. Any Authorized person can log onto the web application after entering a login id and password and view the exact location of the person carrying the device along with various reports.
  • At times of distress, the user can press the Panic Button provided in the device. Upon pressing the Panic Button, automatic SMS will be triggered to the Recipient mobile numbers with a SOS message and also the location information of the user. A minimum number of 4 messages will be sent to two preconfigured numbers every time the user presses a panic button, subject to the SIM card in the device having SMS facility or sufficient balance.
  • Authorized persons can also call up the device which will have a mobile number. The device will get auto connected and the caller will be able to listen to the conversation.
  • The user can make outgoing calls to two preconfigured numbers from the buttons provided on the device.
  • The user can receive incoming calls from anyone or can restrict the incoming calls by creating a white list.
  • PC Tool is available for configuring the device settings through USB provided along with the device. Please refer the user manual for detailed instructions, provided in the welcome kit.

  • Can be used by Women for the purpose of individual safety, security and for soliciting help during emergency situations.
  • Can be used by old aged people for soliciting help during distress and emergency situations.
  • Helps the guardians to track their wards whenever needed and keep control over their movements.
  • Can be used by various public and private corporations to track and monitor their workforce

MeSafe is a GPS-GSM based tracking and alert system which helps provide personal security by continuous tracking and monitoring. The administrator/parent is first required to register to MeSafe website. On successful registration, Administrator/parent receives login details using which he/she can locate the user’s current location on map. An administrator / parent can monitor the user’s whereabouts ensuring safe travel. In the event of distress administrator/parent can initiate live tracking and help the user to come out of the persisting situation. The safe/alert zone is an area marked by the administrator/parent, which he/she thinks is safer region as compared to rest of the areas. The administrator/parent receives alert messages when a user enters or leaves the safe zone.

Live tracking relies on the Global Positioning satellites (GPS) and a mobile communication system GPRS. A tracking module in the device continuously picks up the GPS coordinates that indicate the real-time location of the user. Using GPRS, the coordinates are immediately transmitted to the administrator / parents mobile through SMS. An administrator / parent can log in to the Me Safe Web site to see their user on road maps.

MeSafe provides yet another facility along with Live Tracking called Listen-in. MeSafe device comes with a mobile numbers. In the event of any distress, Administrator/parent make a call to the given mobile number, the call gets automatically connected and can listen to the ongoing conversation at the user’s end. The total pre configured numbers are 10.

In case of extreme distress, the user can appeal for help by pressing the panic button provided in order to alert the administrator/parent. This event initiates tracking of the user along with generating SOS messages for One pre configured numbers. The sms will contain the location in the form of Google Link on Map.

Please Note ** The device should have an active SIM card with GPRS, SMS, Outgoing and Incoming call facility. The SIM card has to be inserted in the SIM card slot, located on the side of the device