iTriangle Infotech Pvt Ltd is a design, development and a manufacturing company working in the domains of embedded electronics and Web/mobile based applications.

We have ODM – Original Design Manufacturing and OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturing capabilities in various segments of Domestic, Industrial and Automotive electronics.

We have capabilities and the necessary infrastructure in developing technology solutions from concept to reality and are capable of end to end execution.

We are specialized in telematics and web based remote data acquisition/control application through various wired and wireless technologies/networks.

Build and deploy Mode

In this model of operation, iTriangle shall design and develop the product based on the requirements of the client and will supply the product by manufacturing them at our facility.

Transfer of technology Mode

In this model of operation, iTriangle shall design and develop the product based on the client’s requirement and transfer the technology to the customer and support for manufacturing and implementation. The complete design of the product such as schematics, Gerbers, source code, test report and such intellectual properties related to the project are transferred at a one time cost.

  • 8051
  • ARM7/9
  • AVR
  • ATmegea
  • MIPMS32
  • M16/C166
Development Tool Chain knowledge
  • Rowly’s Cross works
  • Keil MD3
  • IAR Studios
  • AS6
  • Tasking
  • Code blocks
  • GCC, Eclipse
  • Renesas HEW
Controller make – NXP, ATMEL, ST, RENESAS, Etc.
Other Tools-SVN, CVS, VISO, Crystal Revs, Etc.
  • Digital and Analog electronics design.
  • Remote Data Acquisition over GSM,3G, Local networks etc.
  • Embedded Automation products.
  • Wireless product development based on GSM,Wifi, Blue tooth, Zigbee.
  • C/C++ and Embedded firmware development.
  • Design of Real time systems.
  • GPS,GSM and RFID based solutions.
  • Sensor networks.
  • Embedded hardware designing on 8/16/32 bit platforms.
  • Embedded firmware Development on 8/16/32 bit controllers
  • Data base, client server, web based systems development.
  • J2ME/Android Mobile application development.
  • Board support packages
  • Design, development and porting of embedded OS/stacks/packages/libraries and such components.
  • Protocol stack development for embedded systems.
  • Network Protocol development and testing.
  • Process Automation and industry specific applications.
  • Enterprise application solutions.
  • RTOS on embedded systems.
  • PHP, Java Script/HTML,Ajax Perl, Java, C/C++.
  • Adobe Flash, Flex, OT, Swings etc.
  • LabView.
  • GCC, Visual Studio.
  • Eclipse.
  • Mobile Application (Android).