Bharat 101 PLUS 4G - Brahma

Bharat 101 PLUS 4G is an AIS140 Certified 4G Telematics Tracking Device. BHARAT101-4G can be described as a High-end Compact Vehicle tracking/Fleet management black box with rugged IP65 casing and representing next generation communication technology.


This 4G enabled device comes with lots of interface options, speed processing power. It can be used as a fleet management device in various domains such as Logistics, taxi operation, car/bike rentals, security tracking, insurance telematics, asset tracking, etc. integrated with internal antennae which makes it suitable for hidden/stealth installations.

Use Cases

Fleet Management

Automobile OEMs (Auto OEMs)

Automobile OEMs (Auto OEMs)

Vehicle Diagnostics

Compliance market


Technical Details

Features Particulars
Cellular 2G 900/1800 MHz
LTE-Cat1 B1, B3, B5, B8, B34, B39, B40, B41
Short Range BLE 5.0
Navigation GNSS GPS, GELILEO, NavIC, BeiDou
External AIN 2 Nos
Interfaces DOUT 4 Nos
(300mA Low Side Drive)
DIN 5 Nos
RS232 1No
Wake-up Sources IGN Yes
Panic Yes
Power Yes
Tamper Yes
LED Status Indicators (GNSS, Process, GSM, Power) 4Nos
Power Supply 8-36V DC
Sleep mode Current <5mA
Internal Battery 850mAH
LTE Antenna Internal PCB
GNSS Antenna Internal Ceramic Patch Antenna
BLE Antenna Internal PCB
Sensors Accelerometer and Gyroscope
Data Storage -1 128 MByte
Load Dump ISO 7637-2 Pulse 5a, 5b
Enclosure Plastic
ESD Protection 8kV
Operating Temp -25 to +85deg
Storage Temp -40 to +85deg
Battery capacity 850 mAH
Vibration Frequency 5 – 40 Hz, Acceleration 3G condition, Duration 100 hours (Test duration shall be 32 h for each plane)
High Temperature Operating Endurance ISO 16750-4, Clause
Thermal Shock ISO 16750-4
Mechanical shock ISO16750-3,500m/s^2, 6ms, 15G at 10 shocks per test direction

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