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RFID based solutions

We have developed a unique low cost RFID modules using which, a variety of solutions to different markets can be developed, the uniqueness of our solutions ares

A GPS-GSM-RFID based Tracking and Monitoring System with OBD-II( On board Vehicle Diagnostics standards 2) interface, which adds remote diagnostics capabilities to our existing GPS Vehicle tracking platform.

  • Ultra low power operation.
  • Short range passive and long range active RFID solutions available.
  • Detection range from few centimeters to few meters enables variety of applications.
  • Tunable/configurable range on active RFIDs.
  • Industrial and automotive graded design capable of working in extreme conditions.
  • High security proprietary design.
  • Easy integration with variety of products like. VTS, POS hand held terminals and time and attendance system.

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