Technology Consulting Services

We are offering technology consulting services to our clients based on their projects requirements. We identify right technology, right resources and right practices to suite the project needs and are capable of executing the project end to end. We offer following types of services to or client as per their requirements.

iTriangle can set up a R&D team for solving specific problem of the client. iTriangle will be responsible for developing and providing end to end solution for the specific problem addressed by the client.

iTriangle can provide cost effective services at any stage of PDLC/SDLC (Product Development life-cycle) starting from problem definition to deployment.

Outsourcing of development and quality related activities are both cost effective and efficient. To cater to these requirements, we provide experienced engineers on a time and material basis. In this model, the client will take care of the technical management of the team.

iTriangle can set up exclusive QA labs to exclusively work on offshore projects. The execution will be secure, efficient and cost effective. ITriangle will invest in the required hardware setup for the same. Dedicated teams will work on the client projects and will closely interact with the client’s project manager.

The in house expert team at iTriangle can help in designing and developing of test cases for its clients.

Product companies are fully involved and focused on the development activities of the product and need the services of a competent external agency to set up and manage QA activities. We have a delivery model, where we will take up the complete QA activities of the client, understand the needs of the client, suggest and implement a workable and an efficient model of operation.

The Client’s Automation requirements will be met by ITriangle’s Automation team with expertise in various automation tools and scripting languages. Existing manual test cases can be automated by developing appropriate scripts, in addition to Test case augmenting, if necessary.

iTriangle has a team of in house test experts, who can take care of the technical management of the team we provide. These experts will help in defining and designing the activities and will visit the client on a need basis.

  • C/C++ and Embedded firmware development.
  • J2ME/Android Mobile application development.
  • RTOS on embedded systems.
  • GPS, GSM and RFID based solutions.
  • Embedded hardware designing on 8/16/32 bit platforms.
  • Embedded firmware Development on 8/16/32 bit controllers.
  • Database, client server, web based systems development.
  • Board support packages.
  • Design, development and porting of embedded OS components.
  • Protocol stack development for embedded systems.
  • Network Protocol development and testing.
  • Process Automation and industry specific applications.
  • Enterprise application solutions.

  • 8051
  • ARM7/9
  • AVR
  • ATmegea
  • MIPMS32
  • M16/C166
  • i.MX
Development Tool Chain knowledge
  • Rowly’s Cross works
  • Keil MD3
  • IAR Studios
  • Tasking
  • Code blocks
  • GCC, Eclipse
  • Renesas HEW
Controller make
Other Tools
  • SVN, CVS, VISO, Crystal Revs, Etc
Application Software Platforms
  • PHP, Java Script, Perl, Java, C/C++
  • Adobe Flash,Flex, QT,Swings etc.
  • LabView
  • .Net
  • Eclipse
  • MYSQL,MS SQL/Oracle

TCP/IP integration

Integrated a small and compact TCP/IP protocol stack with BIOS firmware which makes Devices to be internet enabled before an operating system is loaded. This is a platform project, enabling new technologies like, remote HW diagnostics, remote firmware upgrade, and internet booting.


We developed GPS-GSM-RFID based Vehicle tracking platform and manufacturing and promoting it in the name of aQuilatrack. We manufactured and installed more than 25000 devices in the market and successfully managing them on our web portal

Linker And Debugger

Developed and Tested a custom linker and debugger for one of our clients involved in developing high speed audio video chipsets.

The linker processes relocatable 32-bit ELF objects and produces a non-relocatable executable ELF output. The linking process is driven by a linker command file which has most of the standard features. One of the unique features of the linker is that executable images for multiple CPUs will be placed in a single ELF executable file. Project uses GCC as the compiler.

The custom debugger has most of the standard features of a debugger like breakpoints, stepping through execution, register and memory dumps, source display, program loading, variable value display etc. The user interface is designed using a TCL shell which accepts custom debugger commands in addition to the regular TCL shell commands. One of the special features of this debugger is its ability to debug multiple applications running in parallel on different CPUs.

Blue tooth Protocol Testing

For our client Sonim Technologies, we have successfully tested all the protocols and layers of a custom, made Blue tooth protocol Stack. The project involved unit testing, Integration testing, Specification testing.

QA Support for Sonim Technologies:

Sonim Technologies India Pvt Ltd. is a U.S.A. based company, which offers an end to end POC solution. POC stands for Push to Talk over Cellular. This solution involves a central server offering various services like user presence, contact list management, session management etc.

We are supporting them for their QA related Activities. The activities involve complete handset feature testing, GSM and PTT functionality tests, language tests, field tests etc.

ASQ tools for new architectures

For an U.S.A. based company. Our engineers have been deputed at their Bangalore office for development of auxiliary modules and for assistance in QA activities. Involved in debugging tools in a multi-processor environment.

E-Learning-Big Data

Dishthi Software and Services is a Bengaluru based company. Company has an experience into J2EE, cloud, mobile and analytics based application development. Extensive experience into web based application development including HTML5, JSP, Servlets, CSS3, Adobe Flux/Flash, REST API, Java, Java-script (Angular), Node.js etc., tools like SVN, Git, Eclipse, IntelliJ and Agile practices. Our Engineers have been deputed to their development team which is working the next generation e-learning platform and Big data analytic platform.

Web based inventory and marketing management Software – PAST Online-OMS

We have developed a web based solution for inventory, stock and marketing software specially tailored to telecom domain. The software can keep track of the inventory, stock status and marketing performance of the entire marketing chain. The software can also generate marketing reports, performance report of various distributors, promoters, area sales managers etc for a chosen duration. It also supports an advanced Order Management System using a mobile application used for collecting stocks status and orders for retailer outlet.

People Track

Using our knowledge of GPS and GIS we have developed & developing a series of products targeted for tracking company’s workforce especially in the area of sales, marketing and services, where people are expected to move around large geographical areas. The system can track the people over geographical areas. The system can generate various reports of each individual which gives the detailed information about their locations of visits, duration of visits, time of visits etc.

Online Service Manager

We have developed a web based software for management of service centers spread across geographical areas the software can manage entire network of service centers with a centralized web application.


The AQUILA Fleet Management System is a web application which enables an organization monitor to accomplish a series of specific tasks in the management of every aspect relating to a company’s fleet of vehicles. These specific tasks encompass all operations from vehicle acquisition to disposal. AQUILA FMS Software, depending on its capabilities, allows functions such as driver and Vehicle interpreting, trip mapping, dispatch, Vehicle efficiency, etc. It can provide remote control features, such as Geo-fencing and immobilization.

Feel Safe

We have designed and developed a next generation “ Feel Safe “ anti theft vehicle protection solution based on GPS-GSM technology. This solution is further reinforced with the first of its kind technology in India called GeoLock, a unique solution exclusively developed and presented by iTriangle Infotech. This solution provides complete and a fool proof anti theft mechanism and thereby an absolute PEACE OF MIND.