TS 101 PLUS 4G - Yantra

TS 101 PLUS 4G is an 4G Telematics Tracking Device for ICE vehicles, both passenger and commercial fleets. TS101-4G can be described as a High-end Compact Vehicle tracking/Fleet management black box with rugged IP65 casing and representing next generation communication technology.


TS 101 Plus 4G - Yantra has the ability to tightly integrate with CAN bus of the Vehicle, enables to implement various connected Vehicle use cases. It can be used as a fleet management device in various domains such as Logistics, taxi operation, car/bike rentals, security tracking, insurance telematics, asset tracking, etc. integrated with internal antennae which makes it suitable for hidden/stealth installations.

Use Cases

Fleet Management

Automobile OEMs (Auto OEMs)

Automobile OEMs (Auto OEMs)

Fleet Diagnostics

Fleet Diagnostics

Driver Management


Technical Details

Features Particulars
Cellular 2G 900/1800 MHz
LTE-Cat1 B1, B3, B5, B8, B34, B39, B40, B41
Short Range BLE 5
Navigation GNSS GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou
External AIN 2 Nos
Interfaces DOUT 4 Nos
(300mA Low Side Drive)
DIN 5 Nos
RS232 1No
RS485 1No
1Wire 1No
USB 2.0 (Device)
Wake-up Sources IGN Yes
Panic Yes
Power Yes
Tamper Yes
LED Status Indicators (GNSS, Process, GSM, Power) 4Nos
Power Supply 8-36V DC
Sleep mode Current <5mA
Internal Battery 850mAH
LTE Antenna Internal PCB
GNSS Antenna Internal Ceramic Patch Antenna
BLE Antenna Internal PCB
Sensors Accelerometer and Gyroscope
SIM Plastic (4FF-Nano)
Data Storage -1 128 MByte
Load Dump ISO 7637-2 Pulse 5a, 5b
Enclosure Plastic
ESD Protection 8kV
Operating Temp -25 to +85deg
Storage Temp -40 to +85deg
Battery capacity 850 mAH
Vibration Frequency 5 – 40 Hz, Acceleration 3G condition, Duration 100 hours (Test duration shall be 32 h for each plane)
High Temperature Operating Endurance ISO 16750-4, Clause
Thermal Shock ISO 16750-4
Mechanical shock ISO16750-3,500m/s^2, 6ms, 15G at 10 shocks per test direction

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