Advanced GPS Tracking Device. Makes Your Car Smart!

As the world is getting smarter with the latest technologies and advancement in all the personal, commercial and public related fields, the transportation industry has gone further with high-end technology. Not just for the commercial and public transportation, the vehicles used for personal usage are also upgraded with the latest technology to provide better and advanced features to each and every individual at every step of their life.

The cars that are developed/ built are now coming with the latest technology that gives you an option to have complete control of your vehicle. Along with this, the telematics service providing companies or the vehicle tracking service providers across the world have built/ developed devices and systems that can be used in your current vehicles. The cars you are using for your personal or for commercial purposes can be installed with tracking device having customized features as per your requirement and further get the access, control and manage the vehicle any time remotely.

There are a wide range of tracking devices and systems provided by many companies, among which iTriangle, a Bangalore based company is leading the industry with its latest technologies in the telematics field and its advanced features that gives a user a wide range of options to choose as per their need and vehicle.

TS-101 Basic

This is a Basic Vehicle tracking device with I/0 and rugged IP65 casing that provides a simple tracking solution with 10000 tracking records.


  1. Online real-time tracking.
  2. Solid State Storage with 10000 tracking records.
  3. Real-time Vehicle Tracking with GPS.
  4. Rugged and environment proof ABS casing with IP65.
  5. Large battery backup of 700mAH.