iTriangle and Volvo Eicher Form Strategic Joint Venture – 2024

HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE When we commenced operations in 2009, one pledge we made for ourselves, was that we will not do the run of the mill stuff, but contribute to the industry and to our customers, such products & services that will make a positive impact to their use case and business. Working in a […]

iTriangle and Volvo Eicher Form Strategic Joint Venture

Celebrating a Major Milestone: iTriangle and Volvo Eicher Form Strategic Joint Venture At iTriangle, our journey began in 2009 with a vision to deliver innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards. Our commitment has always been to introduce products and services that make a significant positive impact on our customers and the […]

Bengaluru Tech Summit 2023

Embark on an extraordinary odyssey through the immersive days of Bengaluru Tech Summit 2023, where every moment pulsates with the vibrancy of technology and innovation. Day 1 laid the groundwork with a dynamic fusion of thought-provoking talks and interactive sessions, weaving connections with a diverse audience and sparking the anticipation of what lay ahead. As […]

India Mobile Congress 2023

Embark on an extraordinary journey through the immersive days of the India Mobile Congress 2023, where each moment resonated with the vibrancy of technology and innovation. Day 1 set the stage with a dynamic blend of thought-provoking talks and engaging interactions, forging connections with a diverse audience and igniting the spirit of anticipation. As our […]

TIE50 Awards 2023

It was indeed a privilege for iTriangle to be one among the Tie50 awards in the recently concluded TieCon at Santa Clara, California. Thank you TIECON for this recognition and it felt specially good to be recognized in a place that is called the Silicon Valley of the world.

Inauguration of New Office – 2022

New Tides and New Beginnings! At iTriangle, we believe in providing the right ecosystem to our team members to enable them to enjoy work and give their best…Our Research and Development team is one of our most important teams and is the brain of the company. It was important to give them enough lung space […]

Technical Enclave in BVB Amrith Mahotsav – 2023

Recently, Our #hubballi team from iTriangle Infotech Pvt Ltd represented our organization at the technical enclave in BVB Amrith Mahotsav. The event was a great success with emphasis on the latest technological developments & innovations in #India and was attended by representatives of the largest fleet & automobile organizations, alumni and directors of KLE university.

Collaboration of iTriangle & BOSCH – 2023

In an endeavor to strive towards mutual growth & success, we are delighted to announce that iTriangle Infotech Pvt Ltd & Bosch India have decided to combine synergies and collaborate through their respective expertise. As the collaboration unfolds, Bosch customized firmware which offers enhanced vehicle diagnostics features will be incorporated into iTriangle designed, developed & […]

8th Annual IVASS After Sales Summit 2022

“The greatest ideas are often the result of groundbreaking & Inspirational conversations”💡Here are the glimpses of the 8th annual IVASS After sales summit conducted by World Auto Forum on 17th December in Delhi. The conference focused on the “best practices for profitability & growth” in the Indian automotive sector through substantial Conversations, panel discussions & […]

Bengaluru Tech Summit 2022

Bengaluru Tech Summit 2022, Asia’s most prestigious and sought-after technology summit celebrated its 25th year and offered enriching confluence of pioneering companies, bright minds, and cutting-edge technologies in IT, Biotechnology, Deep tech, Start-ups, Telematics and other future-defining spaces 💡We at iTriangle Infotech Pvt Ltd, showcased our latest Telematics Solutions offerings in the 4G spectrum which […]