The GPS-GSM based Tracking and Monitoring System with OBD-II interface is an advanced vehicle tracking and diagnostics solution. It combines GPS and GSM technologies to deliver real-time tracking data and vehicle diagnostics. By connecting to a vehicle’s OBD-II port, it gathers vital information like error codes, speed, RPM, fuel level, and odometer readings. This data is transmitted via GSM/GPRS to a central server for analysis.

With the widespread adoption of the OBD-II interface by vehicle manufacturers, this system offers a broad spectrum of services and applications, unlocking significant business opportunities in the automotive sector. It enhances vehicle monitoring, maintenance, and fleet management, ultimately improving vehicle performance and enabling innovative solutions for vehicle owners, service providers, and the wider automotive industry.

* Note: Based on availablity of parameter in vehicle


Cab Aggregators

Automobile OEMs (Auto OEMs)

Insurance Telematics

Diagnostics & Prognostics (with CAN Adapter)

Diagnostics & Prognostics (with CAN Adapter & Personal Vehicles)



Chipset MT6260
Memory 8 MB solid state Flash, 100K Erase and Program Cycle, 10 year data retention
GSM Module Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
GNSS Module GPS, GLONASS: 118 acquisition-/ 40 tracking channels, Ultra high tracking/navigation sensitivity: -160dBm, inbuilt patch antennae, < 2.5m CEP (50%)
2.5 M CEP@ -130dbm
Antennae Internal
Communication Interface TCP/IP
Record Storage/Buffer 6000 Tracking Records (may vary based on configuration and paremeter chosen)
Interface 1-USB Device type, Standard OBD-II J1962 Connector
Speed Sensor GPS
SIM Interface Plastic (4FF-Nano)
GPRS Packet Data Class 10, Class 8 (Optional), Coding Scheme CS1 to CS4
LED Indication Process, GSM, GPS, CAN
Connectors Standard OBD-II connector
Power Supply Wide DC input voltage range (9V - 32V)
Current Consumption <10mA during sleep mode
Internal Battery 300mAh, 8 hrs * backup
Enclosure Nylon Casing
Temperature Operating: -25°C to +85°C
Dimension 72 x 53 x 30 mm
Weight ~86g
FOTA Firmware upgrade over the air available
Motion Sensor Accelerometer

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