Inter-Departmental Coordination Session by Mr. Raveendraraj

Mr. Raveendraraj recently led an impactful session on Inter-Departmental Coordination and team building, focusing on enhancing teamwork and streamlining communication across our organization. The session emphasized the importance of collaboration, providing practical strategies to improve inter-departmental interactions and foster a cohesive work environment. Through interactive activities and insightful discussions, participants gained valuable skills to overcome […]

International Workshop on GNSS-Based Electronic Toll Collection – 2024

At the International Workshop held at The Ashok, New Delhi, on June 25, 2024, our Managing Director and CEO, Mr. Vadiraj Katti, delivered a compelling presentation on the implementation of GNSS-based electronic toll collection systems. He highlighted the technological advancements and operational benefits of GNSS in revolutionizing toll collection across India. Mr. Katti emphasized the […]

International Yoga Day Celebration

In celebration of World Yoga Day, we at iTriangle wholeheartedly embrace the practice of yoga. Recognizing its profound impact on our lives, our employees are taking time from their busy schedules to join in the celebration. By participating in various yoga sessions, we aim to promote physical health, mental well-being, and a balanced lifestyle. This […]

iTriangle Celebrates World Environment Day

In honor of World Environment Day, iTriangle celebrated by engaging employees in plant watering activities and fostering a commitment to a sustainable future. Each team enthusiastically pledged to nurture a plant for a year, symbolizing their dedication to environmental stewardship. Throughout the day, employees participated in informative sessions highlighting the importance of biodiversity and eco-friendly […]

iTriangle and Volvo Eicher Form Strategic Joint Venture – 2024

HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE When we commenced operations in 2009, one pledge we made for ourselves, was that we will not do the run of the mill stuff, but contribute to the industry and to our customers, such products & services that will make a positive impact to their use case and business. Working in a […]

iTriangle and Volvo Eicher Form Strategic Joint Venture

Celebrating a Major Milestone: iTriangle and Volvo Eicher Form Strategic Joint Venture At iTriangle, our journey began in 2009 with a vision to deliver innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards. Our commitment has always been to introduce products and services that make a significant positive impact on our customers and the […]

International Women’s Day – 2024

Reflecting on an inspiring Women’s Day celebration at iTriangle! We were honored to celebrate alongside our amazing women, and deeply grateful for the invaluable wisdom shared by Dr. Anchal M D., Master Mind Coach, on the ‘Roadmap to Living a Graceful & Meaningful Life’. Her insights empowered us all, highlighting the importance of grace and […]

Employee Appreciation Day – 2024

iTriangle celebrated Team Members Appreciation Day on World Employee Appreciation Day! Recognizing them as Intrapreneurs, we honored 15 exceptional contributors whose dedication drove our success. Each embodied brilliance, excellence, and teamwork, shaping our collective achievements. Their unwavering commitment propelled us forward, fostering a culture of creativity and growth. Amidst cheers, we expressed profound gratitude for […]

Bharat Mobility Global Expo – 2024

The Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024 embarked on an electrifying journey on Day 1, featuring a captivating mix of groundbreaking discussions and immersive connections. Participants eagerly anticipated a continued exploration of innovation and inspiration as they delved into the dynamic world of technology and mobility. Day 2 unfolded with a riveting atmosphere, immersing attendees in […]