Aquila Hardware and Software – iTriangle

The use of GPS devices is increasing by the day with the government also putting a mandate to use GPS tracking devices for commercial and public transport vehicles like taxis, cabs, buses, etc. It is also mandatory that these vehicles should be fitted with an emergency/SOS request which is offered through a panic button for the safety of the public.

iTriangle is a leading GPS tracking company in Bangalore with clients spread across the globe. It is an AIS 140 certified company. It provides valuable services to various industries like transport, logistics, asset management, personal safety, educational institutions, etc. The products include Aquila Hardware, Aquila Web app, and Aquila Mobile.

Aquila hardware products

  1. Advanced tracking device (UX101) with CAN
  2. AIS certified tracking device – Bharat 101
  3. Basic tracking device – TS101
  4. Tracking device – TS101- advanced
  5. Onboard diagnostics – OBD-II
  6. Personal security and tracking – Me Safe


iTriangle offers services like RFID solutions, OEM&ODM services, technology consulting services and many more. They always have excelled in providing innovative and advanced products and they are regarded as the best tracking software service provider through their AquilaTrack application.

iTriangle is located in Bangalore and have dealers in all major cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Calcutta, Mumbai, and Delhi, etc. It is renowned as a prominent GPS Tracking Service Provider Company in India.