Fleet Owners— Your expenses can be reduced by up to 50%

Businesses today are evolving day-in and day-out. It doesn’t matter if your business is a brick-and-mortar store, an eCommerce website, a distribution agency or a run-of-the-mill manufacturing company; you will have a fleet of vehicles or at least you have used a fleet at some point in your business.

For such fleets, technology has indeed become an indispensable part of their business, piercing into every sphere of the business activity. The most important piece of technology that a fleet can adopt is a comprehensive Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) — a boon to Fleet Owners.

Fleets are inherently capital intensive, where you invest large amount of money on your vehicles. To utilize the fleet to its full potential and safeguard this investment, a GPS based vehicle tracking system is absolutely essential.

Through a GPS based VTS you can control the usage of your fleet and optimize the day-to-day expenditure. This is where we introduce AquilaTrack—a universal track-n-trace portal which when combined with a GPS device, will act as a comprehensive VTS for all categories of Fleet Owners.

Here are all the ways in which AquilaTrack helps you manage your fleet thereby reducing the cost of maintenance and annoying frequent visits to the service station.

1. A Centralised System for Reporting Information

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you can see all the information of your fleet in a single dashboard? With AquilaTrack, you can manage and view the information at a single place. You can view where exactly is a vehicle at any give point in time, i.e. you will have access to live tracking of your vehicles. There’s also another useful option called “Travel Replay” where you will be able to view the complete trip of any particular vehicle. You will also be able to understand how many vehicles are running, how many vehicles are in idle state and how many vehicles are at a halt state.

2. Ensure full Safety of Your Fleet with the Geo fencing Feature

AquilaTrack has an built-in Geo-fencing feature. There can be unforeseen instances of vehicle thefts which further pinch your pockets. To steer clear of all such unwarranted activities, the fleet manager can bank on the support provided by the GPS tracking system.

By employing the Geo-fencing feature, an alert will be generated when a vehicle crosses the permissible territory. The Fleet owner will be notified regarding this trespass via an e-mail and an SMS. This feature will even help you locate the stolen vehicle.

3. Advanced Reports

Generating the detailed reports of your fleet connected with AquilaTrack is very simple. Moreover you get the reports quickly and at a single place. You get daily summary of your vehicles, the total idling time, Geo-fencing reports and alerts reports also. You will find an option to generate all of these reports on the Dashboard.

4. Driver Management

With AquilaTrack you can also manage all the required information of the drivers driving your vehicles. You will be able to store and access the driver profiles, the driving scores and licence related information.

5. Vehicle Management

AquilaTrack not only helps you track the vehicles but also helps you manage your vehicles. You will have access to all the details of your vehicles and also you will be prompted with service reminders when due.

There’s another feature which helps you create sub logins. With sub logins, you will be able to create a sub login and assign any number of vehicles to this login. This feature can be used to assign few vehicles to the person who is managing your vehicles.

6. Alerts and Events

Your fleet activated on AquilaTrack will be alerted via email and SMS whenever your vehicles are over speeding, whenever the brakes are applied harshly, and also when harsh acceleration is done.

What’s more? The AquilaTrack dashboard supports and runs on all device form factors! There are dedicated Android and iOS apps available.

GPS tracking software comes as a multi-faced boon to fleet managers to not only deliver their responsibilities but also to help you save money in the form of low maintenance costs.

Allowing your drivers to drive carefully, it is through a GPS tracking system that you can better manage a fleet to enjoy a swift return on your investment.