GPS Tracking System for Customized Business Solution

Every business today is very different. Though they might be serving the same sector with the vision of businesses being similar, it becomes a mandate to have their own unique features for companies to stay on top of their customers list.

In such cases, iTriangle stands apart as a leader of telematics and vehicle tracking service providers aiming to provide customized business solutions using their proprietary remote data acquisition platform and advanced technology.

iTriangle Infotech, is a Bangalore based Vehicle Telematics Company and the largest Indian manufacturer of Vehicle Telematics Hardware. Their telematics platform consists of Hardware, firmware, web applications, mobile application and TCP server

Our Software Solution Includes

  1. Interactive Dashboard
  2. Device Status
  3. Live Tracking and Monitoring
  4. Current Summary
  5. History Tracking
  6. Travel Replay
  1. Geo Tagging & Geo-Fencing
  2. Driver Management
  3. Locating Vehicles
  4. Alert Settings
  5. MIS Reports
  6. Trip Management

Features of iTriangle Assets and Devices

  1. High Accuracy GPS
  2. Power Optimization
  3. Internal Antenna
  4. Internal Battery
  5. High Storage
  1. Parameter Configuration
  2. Server Connectivity
  3. Communication and Data usage
  4. Integration & Customization support.