GVK EMRI, a leading not-for-profit organization in India, provides ambulatory and medical emergency services to over 800 million people across India and Sri Lanka. To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their medical fleet management services, GVK EMRI partnered with iTriangle to implement advanced telematics devices in their ambulances. This collaboration has significantly enhanced the organization’s operational capabilities, leading to better service delivery and increased public trust.


GVK EMRI faced challenges in managing its extensive fleet of ambulances efficiently. Key issues included the inability to track ambulance locations in real-time, difficulties in predicting ambulance arrival times, and limited insight into driver behavior. These challenges hindered the organization’s ability to provide timely emergency services, leading to delays and reduced accountability.


GVK EMRI chose iTriangle, a company renowned for its high-quality vehicle location tracking devices, to address these issues. The implementation of iTriangle’s telematics devices offered several benefits:

  1. Live Tracking: Ambulances could now be tracked in real-time on a map, allowing for quick redirection to critical spots.
  2. Predictive Arrival Times: Hospital authorities could predict the arrival times of emergency cases, enabling them to make prior preparations.
  3. Enhanced Management: The system improved the overall management and accountability of ambulance operations.
  4. Driver Behavior Assessment: By monitoring driver behavior, GVK EMRI could assign the nearest ambulance in case of an emergency, ensuring faster response times.

The implementation process involved integrating telematics devices into the ambulances and setting up a central monitoring system. Training sessions were conducted for staff to ensure smooth operation and effective use of the new system.


One of the primary challenges was ensuring seamless integration of the telematics devices with the existing fleet management system. Additionally, training the staff to adapt to the new technology required significant effort. Overcoming resistance to change among employees was another hurdle. iTriangle provided comprehensive support and training to address these issues, ensuring a smooth transition.


The partnership between GVK EMRI and iTriangle Infotech has been highly successful. Over five years of trust and mutual cooperation have enabled GVK EMRI to become the leading medical emergency care provider in India. The telematics solutions have made the process of tracking ambulances seamless and organized, resulting in:

  1. Improved response times to emergencies.
  2. Enhanced operational efficiency.
  3. Higher degree of satisfaction and trust among the public.

This case study illustrates the transformative impact of technology in enhancing the efficiency of emergency medical services, ultimately saving lives and fostering public trust in essential health services.


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