The Odisha mining sector has faced persistent challenges such as mineral theft and inadequate monitoring of mineral transportation from loading to unloading sites. In response, the Odisha Government introduced Vehicle Tracking Systems (VTS) in mining trucks. The primary aim was to enhance security, prevent theft, and ensure accurate mineral tracking throughout mining operations.

By integrating VTS into mining trucks, the government aimed to establish real-time monitoring and control mechanisms. This technology allows for the tracking of vehicles transporting minerals, promoting transparency and accountability in the sector. It also enables authorities to monitor adherence to prescribed routes and schedules, minimizing unauthorized handling or loss of minerals.

The implementation of VTS is a proactive measure to combat illegal mining activities and ensure compliance with legal and environmental standards. Overall, this initiative strengthens security measures, reduces theft risks, and improves the efficiency of mineral transportation logistics in Odisha’s mining industry.


One of the main issues encountered was the persistent theft of minerals and inadequate tracking from loading to unloading points. The reliance on manual reporting systems exacerbated these challenges, as they were prone to errors and inconsistencies. These shortcomings compromised the overall integrity of mining operations, resulting in substantial financial losses.


iTriangle Telematics implemented advanced telematics solutions, including the Advance Aquila Track Model and the AIS 140 Certified Aquila Track Model with IRNSS, specifically designed for mining operations. These devices offered extensive functionalities such as real-time updates, emergency support, live vehicle tracking, stolen vehicle retrieval, theft prevention measures, and driver behavior analysis. iTriangle Telematics distinguished itself as a leading provider accredited by the Odisha Space Applications Centre (ORSAC), chosen for its reliability and advanced technology.

At loading points within mines, these devices transmitted live data every 48 hours, ensuring continuous monitoring and compliance with operational standards. The adoption of the AIS 140 Certified Aquila Track Model with IRNSS, featuring eSIM technology, effectively tackled issues related to SIM card tampering, ensuring robust security and uninterrupted tracking capabilities mandated by the AIS 140 protocol.


A major challenge during implementation was the tampering and theft of SIM cards from tracking devices, which compromised their functionality. iTriangle Telematics addressed this issue by incorporating eSIM technology in the AIS 140 Certified Aquila Track Model with IRNSS. This integration ensured tamper-proof and secure tracking systems that comply with government regulations.


The deployment of iTriangle Telematics’ solutions led to a significant reduction in theft and enhanced operational efficiency in the Odisha mining sector. Adherence to AIS 140 standards ensured compliance with government regulations, thereby boosting operational integrity. The real-time updates and emergency assistance features of the Advance Aquila Track Model and the AIS 140 Certified Aquila Track Model with IRNSS improved security measures, while driver behavior monitoring promoted safer driving practices.

Overall, iTriangle Telematics’ telematics solutions transformed mining operations in Odisha by mitigating theft risks, improving productivity, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.


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