Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL), a leading oil company in India, aimed to introduce a telematics-based loyalty program to encourage transporters to use Indian Oil petroleum in their vehicles. To achieve this, IOCL partnered with iTriangle to implement an end-to-end telematics solution, covering both hardware and software components. This program was designed to track vehicle movements, identify fuel filling events at Indian Oil petrol stations, monitor driver behavior, and reward loyal customers and safe drivers.


IOCL needed an innovative solution to foster customer loyalty and promote the use of its petroleum products. The main challenges included:

  • Efficiently tracking vehicle movements and fuel filling events.
  • Monitoring and improving driver behavior.
  • Implementing a robust loyalty program that rewards customers and enhances safety.
  • Ensuring nationwide coverage and consistency in data collection and analysis.


iTriangle implemented a comprehensive telematics solution to address these challenges. Key components included:

Installation of VLTD Devices:

  • Advanced Vehicle Location Tracking Devices (VLTD) were installed in 10,000 vehicles.
  • These devices enabled real-time tracking of vehicle locations, speeds, and distances covered.

Geo-fencing of Petrol Stations:

  • All Indian Oil petrol stations across the country were geo-fenced.
  • This allowed the system to identify and report fuel filling events at Indian Oil bunks.

Driving Behavior Monitoring:

  • The telematics system tracked driver behavior and generated driving scores based on driving patterns.
  • Drivers were graded as safe or aggressive, providing a basis for rewards and improvement.

Customized Reporting:

  • Various customized reports were generated, including vehicle location, speed, distance covered, and fuel filling events.
  • Rest hour alerts and other safety features were integrated to enhance driver well-being.


Device Installation and Integration:

  • Coordinating the installation of VLTD devices in a large number of vehicles required significant logistical planning.
  • Ensuring seamless integration with IOCL’s existing systems was crucial for real-time data accuracy.

Nationwide Geo-fencing:

  • Geo-fencing thousands of petrol stations across the country posed a significant challenge.
  • Accurate mapping and regular updates were necessary to maintain the system’s reliability.

Data Management and Analysis:

  • Handling and analyzing large volumes of data from multiple vehicles required robust data management solutions.
  • Ensuring data security and privacy was a critical concern that was effectively addressed.


The implementation of the telematics solution yielded significant benefits for IOCL:

Enhanced Loyalty Program:

  • The loyalty program became more robust, securing the trust of customers and encouraging the use of Indian Oil petroleum.

Efficient Fleet Management:

  • Real-time tracking and customized reporting improved fleet management efficiency.
  • The system provided valuable insights into vehicle utilization and maintenance needs.

Improved Driver Behavior and Safety:

  • Monitoring driver behavior and grading drivers led to safer driving practices.
  • Rest hour alerts and other safety features reduced accidents and ensured driver compliance with regulations.

Customer Engagement and Rewards:

  • Loyal customers and safe drivers were rewarded, fostering long-term associations with IOCL.
  • The program successfully incentivized desired behaviors, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.

In conclusion, the telematics-based loyalty program implemented by iTriangle Infotech Pvt Ltd significantly enhanced IOCL’s customer engagement, fleet management, and safety protocols, resulting in a successful and sustainable loyalty initiative.


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