Telematics Implementation for IOCL Loyalty Program

OVERVIEW Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL), a leading oil company in India, aimed to introduce a telematics-based loyalty program to encourage transporters to use Indian Oil petroleum in their vehicles. To achieve this, IOCL partnered with iTriangle to implement an end-to-end telematics solution, covering both hardware and software components. This program was designed to track […]

Telematics Integration at Ordnance Factory

OVERVIEW The Indian Ordnance Factories stand as the oldest and largest industrial setup in India, specializing in the production of defense hardware and equipment. Among these, the Ordnance Factory in Chanda, Maharashtra, plays a critical role in equipping the Indian armed forces with advanced battlefield equipment. With a legacy spanning over 200 years, these factories […]

Integrating Telematics at Air Force School

OVERVIEW Transportation is pivotal in education, particularly for ensuring the safety of school children. In India, school buses are the primary mode of transport for students, yet they face inherent safety challenges. Reports from the National Crime Records Bureau highlight that bus accidents claimed 22,442 lives, including school children, from 2018 to 2021. Daily fines […]

Mining Mobility Tracker for Leading Vehicle Manufacturer

OVERVIEW In mining operations, achieving precision and efficiency in logistics is crucial for maintaining productivity and cutting operational costs. A leading vehicle manufacturer faces challenges in managing truck fleets at mining sites, including inaccurate trip reporting and inefficient fleet management. iTriangle tackled these issues by introducing the Aquila Track UX101 model, a robust solution aimed […]

Telematics Boosts Odisha Mining Efficiency

OVERVIEW The Odisha mining sector has faced persistent challenges such as mineral theft and inadequate monitoring of mineral transportation from loading to unloading sites. In response, the Odisha Government introduced Vehicle Tracking Systems (VTS) in mining trucks. The primary aim was to enhance security, prevent theft, and ensure accurate mineral tracking throughout mining operations. By […]