Enhancing Mining and Enterprise Operations with iTriangle’s Compliance Telematics

Explore the precision of iTriangle’s diverse range of tracking devices, meticulously crafted to cater to a myriad of needs and applications. From GPS trackers tailored for vehicles, assets, to personal use, our extensive product selection ensures a comprehensive solution for every requirement. Our state-of-the-art tracking devices and accessories play a pivotal role across diverse sectors, […]

UNLOCKING the Future with iTriangle’s OBD Telematics

In a world driven by innovation and data, iTriangle’s OBD Telematics is leading the charge in revolutionizing the operations of service aggregators and the insurance industry. With its state-of-the-art technology, iTriangle is not just improving vehicle management but also transforming business models and risk assessment practices. Here’s How iTriangle is Making a Profound Impact Empowering […]

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd- Telematics Based Loyalty Programme

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd- Telematics Based Loyalty Programme TS 101 Advance Indian Oil Corporation Ltd Indian Oil Corporation Ltd- Telematics Based Loyalty Programme Indian Oil Corporation Ltd planned to introduce a Telematics based loyalty program to the transporters to encourage the use of Indian oil petroleum in their vehicles. In this regard, they chose iTriangle […]


VFOTA UX 101 VFOTA VFOTA The automotive industry is witnessing some disruptive trends, and there has been a visible effort on part of the Vehicle Manufacturers, to make their vehicles more intelligent, more tech enabled and thereby increase the operational efficiency and user experience. Telematics as a solution contributes significantly in this endeavor. One of […]


GVK EMRI Bharat 101 2G GVK EMRI GVK EMRI GVK EMRI is an Indian not-for-profit organization and is considered as one of the largest Ambulatory care providers in the world by providing their Ambulatory & medical emergency services coverage to more than 800 million people across India and Sri Lanka. In the process to make […]

OBD II – Case study

OBD II OBD II OBD II OBD II One of the best use case of OBD II device is its use in the vehicle health reporting & monitoring. In this, the OBD scans through all DTC(Diagnostic Trouble Codes). The device analyse over 30+ parameters, from the basics like Coolant Temperature, Battery voltage to Auxillary Emissions, […]