Elevating Safety and Efficiency: Telematics Integration at Air Force School

PROJECT NAME AIRFORCE SCHOOL OVERVIEW Transportation plays a crucial role in the education sector, and it becomes even more critical when it comes to the safety and security of school-going children. In India, school buses are the most preferred mode of transportation for students. While school buses are a practical and dependable form of child […]

Revolutionizing Safety and Efficiency: Telematics Implementation at Ordnance Factory, Chanda, Maharashtra

PROJECT NAME ORDNANCE ACTORY, CHANDA, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA OVERVIEW Indian Ordnance Factories are the oldest and largest industrial setup and forms an integrated base for indigenous production of defense hardware and equipment, with the primary objective of self-reliance in equipping the Indian armed forces with state-of-the-art battlefield equipment. The Indian Ordnance Factories possess the unique distinction […]

Enhancing Mining and Enterprise Operations with iTriangle’s Compliance Telematics

Explore the precision of iTriangle’s diverse range of tracking devices, meticulously crafted to cater to a myriad of needs and applications. From GPS trackers tailored for vehicles, assets, to personal use, our extensive product selection ensures a comprehensive solution for every requirement. Our state-of-the-art tracking devices and accessories play a pivotal role across diverse sectors, […]

UNLOCKING the Future with iTriangle’s OBD Telematics

In a world driven by innovation and data, iTriangle’s OBD Telematics is leading the charge in revolutionizing the operations of service aggregators and the insurance industry. With its state-of-the-art technology, iTriangle is not just improving vehicle management but also transforming business models and risk assessment practices. Here’s How iTriangle is Making a Profound Impact Empowering […]

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd- Telematics Based Loyalty Programme

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd- Telematics Based Loyalty Programme TS 101 Advance Indian Oil Corporation Ltd Indian Oil Corporation Ltd- Telematics Based Loyalty Programme Indian Oil Corporation Ltd planned to introduce a Telematics based loyalty program to the transporters to encourage the use of Indian oil petroleum in their vehicles. In this regard, they chose iTriangle […]


VFOTA UX 101 VFOTA VFOTA The automotive industry is witnessing some disruptive trends, and there has been a visible effort on part of the Vehicle Manufacturers, to make their vehicles more intelligent, more tech enabled and thereby increase the operational efficiency and user experience. Telematics as a solution contributes significantly in this endeavor. One of […]


GVK EMRI Bharat 101 2G GVK EMRI GVK EMRI GVK EMRI is an Indian not-for-profit organization and is considered as one of the largest Ambulatory care providers in the world by providing their Ambulatory & medical emergency services coverage to more than 800 million people across India and Sri Lanka. In the process to make […]

OBD II – Case study

OBD II OBD II OBD II OBD II One of the best use case of OBD II device is its use in the vehicle health reporting & monitoring. In this, the OBD scans through all DTC(Diagnostic Trouble Codes). The device analyse over 30+ parameters, from the basics like Coolant Temperature, Battery voltage to Auxillary Emissions, […]